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Flint Ridge Energy, Ltd. News:
Small oil producers explore in Granville area -- From Granville Sentinel - December 30, 2008

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Latest Letter From The President (7/10)

Flint Ridge Energy, Ltd (“Flint Ridge”) was formed in April of 2006. The original Founders include Gary Sitler, Jonathan Downes and J. Richard Emens. Jud Byrd joined the Company in July of 2006 and Patricia Hixson joined the Company in March of 2008. Gary, Jud and Pat worked together for a number of years at Stocker and Sitler Oil Company and Pat and Jud continued a working relationship while employed by CGAS Exploration, Inc., which acquired S&S in 1998.

Since conception, Flint Ridge has participated in over 100 wells in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Michigan and Indiana. The primary focus of the Company is to grow through the economic development of oil and gas by means common to the industry with focus on higher risk exploratory wells using geophysical technology.

On January 1, 2010 Gary Sitler resigned as an officer of Flint Ridge and of Arrowhead Energy, Ltd. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Flint Ridge). Gary retains his ownership interest in Flint Ridge. Gary will be working for the Company as an independent consultant. We thank Gary for his past efforts and look forward to Gary’s continued input and contribution to the Company.

The Flint Ridge Management Committee is comprised of William Custer of Custer Capital in New Albany, Ohio, Jonathan Downes of the law firm of Downes, Fishel, Hass & Kim LLP in Columbus, Ohio and Jud Byrd.

Judson K. Byrd
President - Flint Ridge Energy, Ltd

Latest Letter From The President (12/09)

Granville Intermediate School Property

Flint Ridge Energy, Ltd (“Flint Ridge”) would like to express its gratitude to the Granville School Board of Education for considering our request to allow Flint Ridge to explore for oil and natural gas on the Granville Intermediate School Property.  While we may be disappointed with the decision, we do not question the fact that the Board acted in a manner that they believed was best for the district. We truly appreciate the opportunity to give our presentations and if nothing else, we hope that they went to give an overview of the exploration process.

It is not our intention to renegotiate our proposal in this article, but we do wish to make it known that we still maintain that seismic activities can be safely acquired and timed such that the seismic would be acquired when school is not in session. A lease may have been negotiated that allowed no drilling activities upon the school’s property, only a right to unitize a portion of the property with adjoining lands to form a drilling unit and/or allowed us to directionally drill under the school property.

As of this writing, Flint Ridge has conducted over 20 miles of seismic in Granville Township and has drilled, in conjunction with its partners, a discovery well on the Breymaier farm.  This well was drilled to test the Rose Run Formation at a depth of approximately 4200 feet. While our efforts will obviously not include the Granville Intermediate School Property, Flint Ridge and its partners plan to continue their exploration efforts in Granville Township and surrounding areas.

We have been fortunate to establish and we continue to establish many relationships with landowners through our leasing efforts and believe that our exploration activities will cause little or no disruption to the citizens of Granville Township, while developing valuable natural resources. Like it or not, Americans rely on safe, efficient and clean burning natural gas to heat and cool their homes. Natural gas fuels many manufacturing and electricity generation plants and is a key ingredient in products that we use every day.

Flint Ridge is a proud member of the Ohio Oil and Gas Community, an industry that has committed itself to safely finding oil and natural gas. I highly suggest that you visit either the Ohio Oil and Gas Association (OOGA) web page or the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program (OOGEEP) web page, as they both contain many informative facts about the taxes the industry pays, the jobs it creates, and the industry’s commitment to safety and the environment.

God Bless America!

Judson K. Byrd





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