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An incomparable natural resource was mined and carried from the ground for thousands of years from a unique location in Central Ohio. This precious geologic occurrence ran rich in lustrous silica flint and was valued for its workability, usefulness and beauty. The place was called Flint Ridge, and early man traveled from far and wide to quarry the outstanding material. Only this particular stone held the sharpest edge, made the finest implements and shone in all the colors of the rainbow. With it, a man held a winning edge to hunt, fight, win and thrive in a hostile, changing world. This prized commodity has been found World-wide reflecting the value of this natural resource.

Flint Ridge Energy takes this outstanding legacy as an auspicious moniker to achieve future success. Using state-of-the-art technology, research and analysis, our team develops oil and gas reserves that were previously uneconomical, unknown or simply overlooked by previous explorationists. Current events demand superior energy exploration. Global demand, unprecedented prices and political instability make domestic oil and gas a national priority, as well as a lucrative investment. The hidden wealth we live above needs know-how and capital to extract and utilize it. Flint Ridge Energy was formed to explore for and develop that buried treasure, providing wealth and security today like Ohio’s ridge of flint provided in the past.


Flint Ridge Energy, Ltd. (FRE) is a limited liability company formed April 25, 2006 with its purposes being generation of crude oil and natural gas prospects, developing reserves, contracting for the drilling and completion of wells, acquiring oil and gas leases, and participating as an owner in wells.

FRE has organized and participated as an owner in limited partnership drilling programs. Arrowhead Energy, Ltd., the wholly owned subsidiary of Flint Ridge Energy, Ltd., is the Managing General Partner for the programs.

FRE is continuing its efforts to acquire leases, develop quality drill sites, invest in the drilling and completion of wells while maintaining its concern for the environment as it explores for these precious natural resources.

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